Just like our dry cat foods Purely Feline wet foods for cats offer unique recipes with meaningful levels of key ingredients from different nutritional groups. Each recipe is thoughtfully formulated to ensure each ingredient compliments the other making Purely Feline Wet Foods for Cats the perfect anytime meal for your pet!

Grain Free Wet Cat Paté and Stews
Purely Feline Grain-Free wet cat foods are centered on the idea that cats thrive on a diet made up of primarily meat, fish or poultry where very little of the protein in the recipe comes from vegetable or grain sources. In addition certain cats have intolerances to grains and the naturally occurring glutens found in these ingredients. By removing them from your pet’s diet you are often able to mitigate issues caused by these ingredients.

Meat-First Proteins and Fatty Acids
Each Grain Free Holistic Recipe features unique protein sources like ocean whitefish or salmon as our first and primary ingredient. These proteins are packed with essential amino acids and are free of added growth hormones and steroids. And of course, they provide the fresh poultry and fish tastes cats love.

Natural Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals
We mixed our proteins with additional fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for a great tasting truly holistic recipe your cat will love.